Our History

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Managing Director, Jane Foulger has had a varied career covering roles from banking to building dry stone walls, yet her heart has always been at home.

My passion is my home, I love how it feels when it is clean and fresh. I can relax and feel comfortable. From experience I know this is how other people feel about their homes. I gain great pleasure from providing a service that creates that feeling for others, whose lives are either too busy or for those who are not able to do this for themselves.

In 2002, Jane was working as a cleaner and decided it was time to turn her passion for the home into her own business, launching Clear Interiors with the help of her husband Alan in February 2003. Her direct experience working as a cleaner gave her insight into the needs of customers and the staff who undertake the work.

I understand Cleaning is not something that everybody loves to do. We appreciate that our customers are often busy people, so efficient, attentive customer service is essential. This is why we guarantee our work to ensure your home is cleaned to the right standard with the minimum of fuss.

Jane found that whilst her daughter was growing up, cleaning was often a flexible option for work when home life was the priority. She aims to support her staff with this flexibility now and believes that happy staff are going to deliver great results.

Our dedicated teams at Clear Interiors are people who love cleaning and gain great satisfaction out of doing it for others. They share the same values I have about the importance of a comfortable home, taking pride in their work and the company. I take time to look after and train my staff to make sure they’re happy and able to deliver a top quality service to our customers.