Clear Interiors vs Private Cleaner

See how we fare against a private cleaner

Here at Clear Interiors we understand that choosing between a single, private cleaner and a professional cleaning company can be difficult. To help you to make that choice we have some helpful information below that highlights some of the differences between these two types of cleaning service and what questions you should ask when researching your options. To read our article about Clear Interiors vs cleaning agencies click here.

Question 1: What happens if I am unhappy with the service?

Ask the individual to return to re-clean the area you are not happy with. Try to find out if they have a customer care policy in place.

Clear Interiors’ answer: Our service is 100% guaranteed, meaning we will come back to fix anything that was missed to ensure the same standard of clean is delivered every time. You can call or email to have your queries resolved. We always aim to get back to our customers within 24 hours. To find out more about our guarantee, see here.

Question 2: How much experience do you have?

Consider asking for references. Find out how long they have been a cleaner. What experience and training have they had? Can you find out about their service from any of their other customers?

Clear Interiors’ answer: Clear Interiors at any one time has between 50-60 customers, many of whom have been with us from the start in 2003, which adds up to nearly 10 years, full-time experience. All our staff are fully trained and are carefully chosen for their experience, ability and attitude as well as being overseen by the Managing Director. All staff’s work is routinely checked to make sure it is meeting our high standards. Training for staff is updated regularly to meet Health and Safety guidelines and best practices. We have testimonials that you can view on the Trusted Trader website to see what some of our customers think.

Question 3: What happens if you are on holiday or sick?

Make sure that the individual has a contingency plan for such events. Do they have alternative arrangements they can offer? How much notice will you be given if they plan to go on holiday?

Clear Interiors’ answer: Clear Interiors has enough staff to ensure that holidays & sickness are covered. You can rest assured that any replacement team coming into your home have been vetted and trained to the same high standards as your usual team. On the rare occasions this isn’t possible, you will be called immediately and a suitable slot rearranged for you.

Question 4: Are you a registered business or do you have a National Insurance number?

Is this individual legally entitled to work in the UK? How do you know they are paying their taxes and conducting their business properly?

Clear Interiors’ answer: Clear Interiors is a registered business and we vet all our employees to make sure they are legally entitled to work in the UK. You can be confident that our staff are not only paid a fair wage, but also have peace of mind that all appropriate taxes are paid.

Question 5: What happens if you are injured whilst cleaning my home?

If you are using a private cleaner make sure your insurance policy has appropriate cover in place. You may be held liable for medical treatment not covered in your policy that could run into the thousands of pounds.

Clear Interiors’ answer: Every Clear Interiors employee is covered by our comprehensive insurance.

Question 6: Do you bring your own cleaning supplies and products?

Not all private individuals use their own equipment and products. If they don’t, make sure you have a ready supply of items for them to use and that your vacuum cleaner is in good working order.

Clear Interiors’ answer: We bring all our own cleaning equipment and products to clean your home. The cleaning products are tested and safe ensuring they don’t harm our staff and customers, but are strong enough to clean your home. Our equipment is regularly maintained and is strong enough to stand up to cleaning many homes. You can find out more about our products here. In addition, Clear Interiors has built up a directory of local tradespeople that come recommended by us so should you need another service carried out at your home you can ask us who to contact!

Question 7: Are you an insured key holder?

Find out how your keys will be stored and ask them to explain what happens if something in your home is damaged or goes missing. Consider asking for proof of insurance and how they will fix any damage that is not covered by your own insurance.

Clear Interiors’ answer: You can feel secure knowing that Clear Interiors has the most comprehensive insurance cover in the industry. We are happy to supply evidence of this upon request. A Team Leader and the Managing Director of Clear Interiors are the only people with access to your keys. All keys are given an individual code, which is the only means of identification. The reference sheet that identifies the keys is always kept separately. Both the keys and the reference sheet are securely stored.

Taking care in your home is paramount. Should damage or breakage occur a note will be left and we will contact you as soon as possible. We will make every effort to arrange for repair or replacement of whatever is damaged.

With a good vetting system Clear Interiors has never had any incidence of things going missing from a customer’s home, however, should this ever occur, we are confident that our robust disciplinary procedures for staff would satisfactorily deal with any issues, meaning you do not have to manage the cleaners coming into your home yourself.