Our Cleaning Products

Effective, environmentally friendly and safe for staff and customers

We like to keep our products simple and effective with the minimum damage done to the environment. Over the years we have researched and sourced the best available.

Clear Interiors is supplied with products from a company who re-cycle their bottles and supply environmentally responsible chemicals. We also train our staff to ensure the safe handling and use of all of our chemicals and equipment. We do not carry bleach but will use it in your home if you request it along with any other products you prefer as long as you have them available in your home when we visit.

For a full run-down of our chemicals, see our blog post about it here.


Toilet cleaner/Limescale remover (Essential in this hard water area) – A powerful lime scale remover for use on all types of surfaces making it perfect for use on chrome, stainless steel, bath and shower surfaces, glass and tiles. The thickened formulation clings to surfaces allowing prolonged cleaning action.

Vinisol – Gorgeous orange oil product that will clean and de-grease surfaces and floors, leaving a lovely zesty smell.

Polish – This rich formula can be sprayed directly onto any finished surface for protection and shine. The anti-static properties mean that dust is eliminated and does not gather again so rapidly.

Lemon Bathroom Cleaner – For the regular cleaning and sanitising of all ceramics, stainless steel, painted and other nonporous surfaces and shower rooms. Non-abrasive formula will not scratch delicate surfaces.

Micro Fibre Cloths – We use these either dry or just with plain water for windows, mirrors, tiles and any surface that requires an anti-static clean.

Henry Vacuum Cleaner – These are reliable vacuum cleaners with strong suction or settings for a gentler clean. They are portable and adaptable in any space ensuring we can get up any flight of stairs and into any hard to reach corners.