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  • Why a Clean Home is a Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift

    The title may not have convinced you that having your home professionally cleaned by Norwich’s very own, Clear Interiors is going to do much to woo your other half. Below, we’re going to try and convince you otherwise, because we know from experience that this is a welcome, if unconventional treat: A clean home is relaxing because it shortens your to do list It’s so easy to become slaves ...

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  • Cleaning up after Christmas in Norwich

    The big day has happened and now you're looking forward to New Year's Eve, but what to do with the wrapping paper, advent calendars and of course... the tree? We know the easy thing to do when we're stuffed full of food and festive drinks is to cram all the extra rubbish into the brown bin, but with such great recycling facilities in Norwich and Norfolk, it's ...

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  • Making Christmas guests comfortable

      Many of us will be having family and friends to stay in Norwich, over the Christmas holidays. If, like me, you care about their comfort when they stay in your home, this post is for you! Making family and friends feel welcome and comfortable is not only a lovely way to show how much you care, it could also save you some minor hassles, leaving you free ...

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  • How to keep warm this Winter

    We often hear in the media how, in Winter, our elderly relatives are at risk if they're unable to keep warm. Many will keep heating low in a bid to save money on bills they can't afford, but it's not just the elderly who want to keep toasty and warm without breaking the bank. We think this is something important to everyone, although ...

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  • Is your home ready for Winter?

      It's been quite mild so far, but these days it feels like Winter only really gets going in December, making November the perfect time to prepare your home for the ravages of Winter. We've put together a few helpful tips about how to keep your home in good order during the colder months. We'll also be looking at how to keep your home toasty and warm next time. So, without further ado, here are Clear Interiors ...

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