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Bog Standards – Bathrooms Part 1

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I have witnessed some incredible bathrooms during my cleaning lifetime. Good, bad and downright frightening. Have you seen Trainspotting?

Bathrooms attract various types of mess. The majority of it is from our lovely bodies: toothbrush’s and holders, soap dishes and scum, tide marks round the bath, towel fluff or ‘dander’, which is a combination of fluff and dead skin, shower scale and mildew. Not forgetting the good old toilet, loo, bog, dunny, WC, lav, privvie, whatever you like to call it. There are so many names for our cloakrooms, If you have a favourite let me know!

Bathrooms need regular cleaning because if not, a build up from all our bodily waste emerges very quickly. So rather than a 10 minute job it can quickly become an hour of scrubbing.

How to keep limescale at bay was tackled in a previous post.

Personally I like to keep my bathroom functional, fairly minimal but comfortable and a bit stylish. Having had the privilege of visiting so many properties and discovering what works on a cleaning level I have tailored my little girls room to minimise the amount of cleaning I do. Lots of ornaments, nic-nacs and pictures are not very practical and are incredibly time consuming cleaning wise.


Toilet Brushes:

To have or not to have, that is the question. If you do have one here are some good hygienic habits to get into:

When you have used the brush, flush the toilet and add some bleach

Stand the brush in the toilet, then rinse the container with hot soapy water

Flush the toilet holding the brush under the fresh water

Pour away the soapy water from the container into the toilet. Add a bit more bleach into the container and stand the brush back in it. Flush again

Replace the brush regularly

Cheap brushes from the supermarket are best as you’re not wasting lots of cash by throwing them out


No Toilet Brush:

This is probably easier. You will need  long rubber gloves, sponge scourer (for the bathroom only) and paper towels (do not dispose of down the toilet)

Either way this is how I keep a gleaming Loo:

1. Put some hot water in your sink with some bathroom cleaning product. I like to use our Lemon Bathroom Cleaner

2. Squirt some toilet cleaner/limescale remover under the rim, round the bowl and into the bottom of the toilet.

3. Either brush or wipe thoroughly depending on what you use. Going under the rim, round the pan and into bottom of the pan. If wearing your long rubber gloves and using paper towels apply the same method. An old toothbrush is handy for nooks and crannies. Remember to bleach afterwards and not mix with your other toothbrushes!!

4. Close the lid and using  your cloth that has been wrung out, start at the top of your cistern, wiping all the surfaces including the handle and under the cistern (tend to be  neglected areas)

5. Next, wipe the back of the toilet seat, the lid of the toilet seat, open the lid, wipe inside of toilet lid, toilet seat, lift seat up, underneath the toilet seat, the top of the porcelain toilet. Then clean the whole of the toilet bowl and plinth and finally the pipe at the back of the toilet.

6. Flush, then put a little more cleaner down the toilet

7. Finally get either paper towels or cotton rags to dry and buff up all outside surfaces, including lid and seat.  (and i mean 100% cotton. Mixed fibres are no good. Boil wash and keep for bathroom purpose only)

There you have your sparkling loo. The more frequently you do this the quicker it is. Takes me 2 minutes!This is a very good ‘cistern’. I hope you have been ‘showered’ with ideas and I didn’t ‘loos’ you in the details! I Hope you have all got a good sense of humour because part ‘poo’ is coming soon.

Till then a very happy cleaning to you all.

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