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Bog Standards Part 2

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I think we just about covered ‘how to clean a toilet’ in the last post. Other areas in your bathroom can easily become places of filth very quickly if you don’t have a regular routine. So let’s get cracking then and turn your bathroom into a gleaming palace.

Bathrooms are notoriously dusty. See our table of cleaning services  for what we cover in a regular and one off bathroom clean.

Cleaning Baths

1. If it is really dirty fill up with warm water and throw in some biological powder. Soak overnight

2. For limescale apply a solution of half water & half white vinegar. Leave overnight if it is stubborn. Rinse thoroughly

3.Washing up liquid is good! Use it on a soft cloth. Wipe the bath with the cloth, rinse then dry with a towel leaving bath and taps shiny.

4. Stubborn marks can be moved with mixture of baking powder and water, rubbed on with a soft cloth. Rinse thoroughly

5. Using bubble bath keeps your bath from forming a build up of soap and bodily scum

6. Wipe down after every use including the taps, it takes 2 minutes and you’ll never have to scrub again.

Cleaning Showers

1. Curtains are much easier to clean you can throw in the washing machine on a hot wash once per week. Invest in curtains that are machine washable

2. Glass screens – use a sponge with diluted white vinegar over the door. Buff with either paper towels or an old towel

3. My favorite tool is a squeegee. If you go over the tiles with this every time you shower,  you’ll never have to scrub them

4. Grouting can become black or brown with a build up of mildew in high humidity. A solution of half bleach, half water and an old toothbrush will sort it out. Clean the grout lines one at a time starting at the top

5. Chrome shower heads – soak in a half water, half white vinegar solution. Leave for an hour, then rinse. Plastic shower heads can be soaked overnight with paper towels soaked in white vinegar, put inside a plastic food bag and secured over the shower head with an elastic band. Rinse thoroughly. (One of Aggie and Kim’s tips)

Cleaning Basins

1. Limescale encrusted taps – (again this is a tip from Aggie and Kim, and is not suitable for plated or gold taps). Take a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water. Soaked paper towels in it, put them in a plastic bag secured over the tap with an elastic band and leave overnight.  If the taps are not too encrusted use white vinegar and water and scrub with a toothbrush

2. Clean your basin every day. It keeps soap scum, limescale and germs at bay!

3. Remember to clean your toothbrush holders and soap dishes once per week. You can wipe baby oil in your soap dish and it will stop the soap sticking to the bottom and the sides.

Till next time happy bathing!

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