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Clear Interiors Loves – The Little Red Roaster – Norwich

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Here at Clear Interiors we love supporting our favourite Norwich based businesses that supply superb products and outstanding service. We’re working with them to let you know the best places to visit in Norwich, but also to help bring you the occasional discount or special offer!

Norwich’s Best Coffee Shop

This week we’ve been chatting to the lovely people at the Little Red Roaster (LRR) on Grove Road in Norwich. If you love coffee, this is the place for you. The enthusiasm and excitement around coffee here is so infectious I had to buy my own espresso machine and take tips from the staff about how best to make my morning (midday and afternoon!) coffee at home.

I was a complete coffee-making novice and had been using a Cafetiere for years. My first roasted brew from LRR took the drink to a whole new level in terms of flavour, richness and texture and have since become a huge coffee snob. On a trip to the capital I visited a very stylish coffee house with high expectations, however I was dismayed to witness the assistant tapping the side of the gun after she had put the coffee in and tamped it down! tsk tsk! Apparently this is not how you do it. Darren (owner) and his assistants were extremely helpful at offering me tips and advice and are very knowledgeable about the coffee they serve. I think I am now as good as I can get as a home coffee making. There are lots of important and exacting points to making the perfect cup and I’m grateful to them for helping me on my quest!

One handy little implement I bought from LRR was a shot glass. It measures the exact amount I need for our morning Americano. We buy all our ground coffee from the Little Red Roaster and still treat ourselves to a yummy fresh Americano (white, no sugar) when we’re passing by.  They also do some amazing homemade cakes (the sponge with raspberry is one of the most amazing cakes I’ve ever tried), sausage rolls, scotch eggs (the best I’ve tasted by a mile) or fantastic paninis with some excellent fillings. The paninis were so good that me and my daughter made up a song about them, but I won’t embarrass myself by recounting it here.

Back in April last year there was a flurry of controversy which hit the national news when Darren refused to serve someone talking on his mobile phone while expecting Darren to lip read his order. The staff are ever so friendly and personable and to keep the great atmosphere in there, I totally agree with Darren on this one. I see it a lot in the Post Office and other shops these days and it’s just not fair on the staff who are trying to serve you and get it right. What do you think?

Cleaning an Espresso Machine

Now, running a cleaning company as I do, it would be strange if I didn’t mention how fiddly it can be to clean your own espresso machine at home. This is one reason to actually go out to LRR and just get them to make it for you, but if you do have one, then being meticulous about cleaning all the working parts is part and parcel of great coffee delivery. A clean machine will definitely give you a tastier cup. The parts you may need to clean are:

The water tank
The gun
The basket
The drip tray
The shot glass

Not forgetting cups and saucers. We have our own special coffee cups and saucers, which we feel adds to the magical experience of drinking good coffee. Do you have your own special mug or cup for coffee? What makes it the perfect cup?

You may notice, if you drink coffee at home regularly that coffee can leave a greasy residue on cups, spoons and your machine. If you’re not lucky enough to have a dishwasher, be sure to use warm, soapy water to clean all your coffee paraphernalia. Also, don’t put your cafetiere in the dishwasher! If you do, you may notice that tiny bits of food get stuck in the filter. Disgusting and definitely an error I have made.

Clear Interiors Christmas Coffee Discount

We’ve teamed up with the Little Red Roaster to bring all our lovely followers and customers a little discount in this final run up to Christmas. If you love coffee you might be thinking about getting a special, fresh blend in to have during the holidays or, if you’ve got a lot of coffee fanatical friends, what better gift could you give than a bag of freshly ground, fantastic coffee?!

During December you can get 10% off all 250g packets of coffee in the shop and on their market stall! All you have to do is mention Clear Interiors at the till.

Don’t forget to spread the word and maybe your friends and family will buy you some for Christmas too… or Santa of course.

The Little Red Roaster is at 81b Grove Road, Norwich or visit their stall at Norwich Market on Gentleman’s Walk. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter to keep updated.


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