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Clear Interiors Staff Christmas Party!

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No job is complete without it’s own Christmas Party for the staff and here at Clear Interiors we do just the same for our girls. This year, instead of braving the cold and getting dressed up, we decided to stay in and get dressed down for a onesie party! If you’re not familiar with what a onesie is, it’s basically a baby grow for adults to keep you warm in Winter. I highly recommend them.


We all made some tasty food to bring round to Clear Interiors HQ. Suzy brought a fantastic German potato salad, homemade shortbread and some German chocolate biscuits. Gemma brought some scrummy cupcakes and I made some sausage rolls and a carrot cake. Click the link below for the tastiest carrot cake recipe ever:

Carrot Cake Recipe


The staff party is a great way for all of us to relax and get to know each other. Because the girls work in pairs, they may not see some of the other staff very often, but this gives them a good chance to bond. We all had a laugh and managed not to talk about cleaning although it was heartwarming to hear them talk about times over the last year when they have gone above and beyond to care for and help our customers who are most in need. For example, Val made a handmade card for one of our customers who had a baby girl earlier this year. My staff really are fantastic and I feel very lucky to have them.

Now it’s the week before Christmas, typically a busy time for us getting the homes of Norwich clean and tidy for the big day. I’m sure you’re all nearly ready too, but later this week we’ll have a helpful checklist so you can be sure you’re home is truly prepared for the onslaught of family, food and wrapping paper mountains!

Before I sign off for today, later on in the party we played the chocolate game! If you want a fun and tasty game to play over Christmas, why not try this one out.

The Chocolate Game


You will need: a large bar of chocolate, a di, knife, fork, hat, scarf, gloves.

Rules: Everyone sits around the bar of chocolate and knife and fork in a circle. The first player rolls the di. If they get a six, they begin putting on the hat, scarf and gloves and try to eat the chocolate bar with the knife and fork. Meanwhile the di is being rolled by the other players. As soon as someone else rolls a six they must begin putting on the hat, scarf and gloves to eat the chocolate. The aim is to finish the bar!

The photos are mostly of us playing this game. Be warned, it can get very hysterical.


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