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Clear Interiors Staff Interview – Suzy

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photoWe have had a lovely summer hear in Norwich and at Clear Interiors. It has been an extremely busy one and have had unprecedented demand for all types of cleaning. Hurrah long may it last.

Once again we have another member of staff we would like you to meet and this week it is Suzy.

Suzy had previously worked for my friend’s cleaning company so came highly recommended. Julie was very excited about pairing us up and knew we would be a great match. After working with Suzy I too am very excited that she is with Clear Interiors.

Like all our staff Suzy takes a huge amount of pride in her work and has a tremendous sense of responsibility, is able to act on her own initiative and lead! One of the most fantastic things in the ten year life span of Clear Interiors was that finally I had met someone who was willing to learn how to run the business so that I could take a holiday for a week or two and feel completely at ease that all was being taken care of! It has been one of the most liberating moments of my life and for which I am truly grateful. Suzy thinks of her job in the wider perspective and views her work for the greater good of her colleagues and the company. To coin a phrase she ‘thinks outside of the box’

Personally Suzy is kind, generous, thoughtful and caring. Nothing is too much trouble. Again this extends to our customers as well as work colleagues. I have been able to ask her opinion on some issues knowing that she will always come up with a common sense intelligent objective response. Another area Suzy has excelled, is going on appointments selling our cleaning services and bringing in new customers. Suzy’s other talents are fabulous cake making.  She has a great sense of fun and has recently joined me in a mission to learn to Roller Skate. Suzy has a bit of a head start as she has skated before. However that hasn’t stopped her starting in the beginners class and achieving Level 1.

Like all our staff Suzy is a truly valued member of the team, and an asset to the company. We are so lucky and grateful to have her on board. Without further ado here are her Q&A

Q: How many years have you been working for Clear Interiors?

A. Two years in August

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

A.I am married and a proud mother to 4 grown up sons and 4 step children and proud nana to 12 grandchildren. I was born in Germany and moved to Norwich in 1981

Q: What is the best part of working for Clear Interiors?

A. All of us ladies work great together, get great job satisfaction and meet lovely people.

Q: What is your top cleaning tip?

A. To remove limescale from taps use a pummice stone. Also, when cleaning windows and glass use white vinegar and water.

Q: What do you like doing in your spare time?

A. I love spending spare time with my grandchildren and baking, decorating and week ends spending time with my hubby

Q: What do you like about Norwich?

A. It has a great Cathedral and lots of lovely shops

Q: Where is your favorite place in Norwich?

A. Has to be my home. I love decorating it. My living room is the best place to relax in.

Thank you Suzy for sharing that with us and for my lovely birthday cake



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