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Clear Interiors VS Cleaning Agencies

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This week we’re examining the difference between Clear Interiors as a domestic cleaning company and cleaning agencies.


What is a cleaning agency?

A cleaning agency is a bit like a match maker. They have lots of single, self-employed cleaners on their books and match you with a cleaner in your area who will suit your requirements. You sign a contract, usually for a minimum of three months, agreeing to use their services. You pay an initial fee and then a regular weekly fee as well as paying your cleaner. Some put the payment of the cleaner in with the fee. An agency will find you another cleaner if you’re not happy with the one they assign you.

What are the benefits?

If your plan for finding an individual, self-employed cleaner to take care of your home is your plan, then an agency can take the effort out of searching for and vetting the right person. Some people also prefer that the same person comes into their home and an agency can provide that. Some people also prefer to supply their own cleaning products and instruct their cleaner on exactly what to spend their time doing.

What are the downsides?

The downsides are that you’re tied into a contract and have to pay for the service for a minimum of three months. Often you will have to continue paying for this period even if you no longer wish to use their services. A single cleaner will take much longer to clean your home and by paying them an hourly rate, they may not have time to complete the cleaning of your home each time. Your cleaner will not supply the equipment and cleaning products so this is something you have to remember to supply and keep the right cloths, equipments and chemicals stocked. As an individual cleaner, though they may be experienced, they have no one to check their work or provide them continued training to help them maintain and improve their standards. The fees you pay may not always cover insurance meaning that if your cleaner is hurt in your home or breaks something, you may be liable.

How do they compare with Clear Interiors?

1. Clear Interiors doesn’t tie you in to a contract so if you ever wanted to cancel your service with us, it can be done straight away.

2. Our staff have their work regularly checked and they are fully trained with occasional updates to their training to ensure they are working safely and to high standards in your home.

3. Clear Interiors customers in Norwich can always contact the Managing Director, Jane to have any issues resolved, so just like an agency will help you find the right cleaner when you have a problem, Jane can help with all issues relating to the cleaning of your home, not just who is going in.

4. Clear Interiors staff work in teams of two, which means your home gets cleaned much quicker. We have a thorough cleaning method that is applied to all homes so you know exactly what will be covered and don’t need to check the work yourself. Teams stay until the whole house is cleaned so you’ll never be left with a dirty room. At the same time, we can take into account specific requirements or requests and use your chemicals where preferred.

5. All our staff are insured so you can be assured that you won’t end up liable for any accidents or breakages!

6. All our teams provide all equipment and chemicals so you don’t have to think twice about whether you have enough in the house or organise what to buy.

7. As an all round, domestic cleaning company, we can recommend a network of trusted service providers such as carpet cleaners and window cleaners that we can recommend. Our additional services such as oven cleaning, de-cluttering and home staging means you always know who to call when something in your home needs doing.

8. Finally, because Clear Interiors is the company who actually carries out the cleans in your home, we can offer you special offers, discounts, competitions and top tips! The service is more personable and through our blog, newsletters and social media pages, you get to know all of us… something we believe is crucial for building trust with our customers.

So, whilst an agency can be suitable for some, Clear Interiors can provide more security, safety and a consistently high standard of clean. Our work is guaranteed, staff are responsible and accountable and we can still offer the flexibility sometimes required by those who opt for individual cleaners. We are biased of course!

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