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Empty House Clean!

Posted at May 20, 2012 | By : | Leave a Comment!

Is a house move on the horizon?

Without doubt it is one of the most stressful experiences you can do. Minimizing the stress needs careful planning and organising. Whether you are buying selling renting or letting, the final act in the property you leave is… yes cleaning!

I have moved several times in my life, 28 to be exact, now numero 29 is upon me after a heavenly ten and a half year stay in a lovely property in Norwich. It has been a record breaker in terms of how long I have lived anywhere. The longest before this was 9 years in beautiful Whaley Bridge in Derbyshire.

Moving house is always a great opportunity to start sifting through your belongings. De-cluttering the old and tired items you no longer either love or use or have any practical use for. I see it as a fresh start, new beginnings and opportunities. For me it is a brand new arena for allowing my creative juices to spill forth and create, with colors, styles, patterns or fabrics.

Ok, so plan plan plan. You have your property, you have a moving date, so relax it’s all going to be ok.

How many weeks have you until your move date?

Make a list

a) All the utilities you will need to inform of change of address.

b) TV. Sky etc, broadband

c) Banks

d) Loan companies

e) Parking permits

f) Credit card

g) Employers

h) Friends

i) TV.Licence etc.etc. Be as thorough with this as possible and add to it as you think of things. Cross off as you go through them.

j)  Contact removal firms and get at least 2 quotes. Find out exactly what they do and provide. Book a date.

De-Clutter, Clean And Pack

1.  Put a large cardboard box in each room for starters.

2.  One room at a time over the course of the next few weeks start to clean items you hardly use. Ornaments, books, blankets, cd’s, etc. (if you have a few weeks, if not break down how long you have and manage the time so you aren’t rushed)

3.  Label each box by saying which room it has come from. Or which room you want them to to into at the new place.

4. This time I am going to buy those big cheap laundry bags for all my clothes, bedding and towels. Rather than have black bin liners that you have to split to see inside, or they rip anyway spilling all manner of private clobber onto some poor unsuspecting removal chap/ess

5. Throw away any un-used (clothes for over a year) un-loved, impractical items. This is crucial to your fresh start. Do you really need to drag all that rubbish over to the next house, have you even got room for it. Even if you have, do you really want to fill space with stuff you’ll never use? No.. ? good, then bin it.

6. Your removal firm should provide boxes, bags, wrapping paper, tape, labels, marker pens. If not you can usually pick the boxes up from supermarkets.

7. Gradually start to wash any soft fabrics that have been hanging around either in fusty cupboards or drawers. Curtains can be taken down gradually and washed. You can buy vacuum packs now to store your winter woolies in.

8. After all that hard work and stress, are you really going to do the final clean yourself?

9. The house needs to be spotless for the new arrivals?  Have you ever moved into a dirty home? I have and it is the most disheartening experience.

10. Call Clear Interiors (A minimum of two weeks notice please) to take care of that final clean. It is so worth your while delegating such a big job to a company that will take care of those all important details. It will make moving in for the next people such a pleasure not to have to do.

11. Is the home you are moving into spotlessly clean? We can do that for you.

12. The next post will be moving in to your new home, with a few do’s don’ts and suggestions re making moving as relaxing as possible.

Get the kettle on!

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