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Get Your Home Ready For Christmas!

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SnowManThere’s only a few days to go before Christmas Day and many of you will be preparing to host family members and getting the house clean and tidy for the big day. Whilst many of you have booked the Clear Interiors team to come in and get your homes sparkling, we didn’t want to leave the rest of you high and dry, so thought this handy checklist would help you make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. It’s quite a long list, but we want your ideas on anything else that we might have missed off! It’s broken down into manageable chunks so it doesn’t feel as overwhelming!

Christmas Home Preparation Checklist: 1-10

1. Christmas Tree2. Decorations
3. Fairy Lights
4. Presents wrapped
5. Stockings filled
6. Candles
7. Table cloth
8. Wreath
9. Table centre piece
10. All food shopping done

Christmas Home Preparation Checklist: 11-20

11. Clothes washed and dried
12. House cleaned
13. Xmas cards written and sent
14. Alcohol and other drinks bought
15. Bedding ready for guests
16. Christmas Crackers bought
17. Christmas pudding or other cakes baked
18. Films rented or TV Guide checked to keep everyone entertained
19. Christmas Day clothes set aside
20. Activity ideas for the kids planned

Christmas Home Preparation Checklist: 21-30

21. All presents bought
22. Check you have all the cooking utensils, pans, crockery you need
23. Placemats
24. Napkins
25. Ice for drinks bought (I always forget this one)
26. Collect any presents sent by post that are at the depot
27. Plan Christmas dinner and have recipes prepared in a folder
28. Put a recycling bag or box to one side for everyone to throw wrapping paper or Christmas cracker remains into
29. Get spare batteries for any toys or gadgets bought
30. Buy fresh flowers if needed

Christmas Home Preparation Checklist: 31-40

31. Write a list of any family or friends you need to call over Christmas
32. Check any guests or family staying over don’t have any dietary requirements
33. Check Royal Mail postage dates
34. Check opening times of local shops in case you need to get something last minute
35. Check video cameras and cameras are working
36. Make sure you’ve got comfy pyjamas if you don’t plan on getting dressed!
37. Carry out any small DIY jobs that need doing
38. Tackle any drafts under doors or around windows. You can buy draft excluders for the bottom of the door or over your letterbox, rolls of sticky foam to add to any gaps around the edge of doors or windows and reflective, insulating foil to put behind radiators to reflect heat into the room rather than it being absorbed into the walls.
39. Get a small fan or halogen heater for your kitchen if, like us, you have a chilly extension. It’s no fun cooking in a cold kitchen!
40. Make sure arrangements and seating are suitable for all guests, for example some elderly relatives may need a certain type of chair if they have mobility issues.

Christmas Home Preparation Checklist: 41-54

41. Get a radio set up in the kitchen or some music for when you’re cooking.
42. Make sure you have enough tupperware if you’re planning to freeze items or store leftovers in the fridge.
43. Make sure you have enough bin liners or compost bin liners for non-recyclable waste.
44. Buy enough foil for all cooking!
45. Have you got enough loo roll in?
46. Get some indigestion tablets, plasters and painkillers in so any accidents when cooking or stress headaches can be tackled!
47. Kitchen roll
48. Are the hand towels, bath towels and tea towels all clean?
49. Have you got enough tea, coffee and milk in?
50. Mince Pies
51. Cranberry Sauce
52. Get a playlist ready for the day if you plan on listening to music
53. Defrost any meats or food you’re going to need on Christmas Day
54. Check your travel plans if you’re travelling over the weekend. Make sure there’s no disruption especially from flooding with all the rain we’re having!

If you want to give your home the Clear Interiors treatment, getting it clean for Christmas Day, click here to view a PDF which shows a list of duties we undertake when we carry out different types of cleans. This can act as a handy checklist to make sure you have cleaned your house from top to bottom!

With these lists, homes in Norwich are going to have the most organised Christmas Days in the UK! This is our last post before Christmas so we would all like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much to all our lovely customers from 2012 and to all our followers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you all have a prosperous New Year. We have lots of exciting news and developments on the way in 2013 to make the Clear Interiors experience truly special. Stay tuned!

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