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How Do I Clean A Red Tiled Floor?

Posted at September 5, 2012 | By : | 1 Comment

Did I mention I had moved home recently?

Much to my delight after a first viewing at our new house, we discovered the 1940’s semi we were moving into had a lovely albeit dirty and paint splattered red tiled front entrance buried under a manky carpet.

I was very excited at the prospect of pealing back the layers of grime, paint and rubber underlay to reveal a lovely red shiny original feature of the property. It took about 3 1/2 hours and a lot of elbow grease but it was worth it.




Here’s what I did!

What You Will Need

1. Sweeping brush & brush and dustpan

2. Mop & hot water

3. Rubber gloves

4. Paint scraper & Stanley blade scraper

5. Wire wool (fine grade)

6. Old rags

7. Nitromors

8. Goggles

9. Tin Red Tile Polish. Tableau is good.

Cleaning Red Tiles

1. First give the floor a good sweep

2. Using a scraper (I found the stanley blade one the best) scrape off as much paint dirt and whatever else may be stuck to the floor.

3. You can also use the wire wool alongside the scraper for any little stubborn bits

4. Sweep again, then mop with some hot water and a tiny dash of washing up liquid. Now you can see what is left to clean.

5. Using extra strong rubber gloves, goggles and giving the area as much ventilation as you can, pour a small amount of Nitromors onto a tiled bit of the floor.

6. Dip a chunk of wire wool into the Nitromors and using a circular motion scrub the tiles. Cover a small area.

7. The Nitromors pulls up any remaining paint straight away.

8. When you have covered a small area, using bucket and hot soapy water, wash and dry using an old scourer and rags.

9. When you have scrubbed the whole area with wire wool and Nitromors. Mop with hot water (no soap this time) several times until all the Nitromors has been removed.

10. Dry using old towels and rags.

11. Fresh chunk of fine grade wire wool, dab into the Red Tile Polish, again with a circular motion, apply the polish to the tiles. Again only cover a small area then buff with clean rags/toweling

I was so excited about cleaning the floor that I forgot to take a before picture for comparison. You will just have to trust me when I say it was a complete mess.

So pleased with the final results.


  • Hannah

    November 8, 2012 at 9:14 am

    It’s lovely – I bet you were absolutely shattered afterwards! If it’s 1940s and looked really manky, it’s probably never been cleaned!

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