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How to Clean A Gorilla – Norwich !!!

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vandalised-gogogorilla-1372654545-large-article-0So… Norwich has been visited by 53 life size Gorilla’s. Each one of them is decorated in colourful and exciting art work produced by schools, community groups and professional artists.

It started on 23rd June and is in situ for 11 weeks. It is a trail you can follow all around Norwich City and has been very popular indeed.

Sadly the picture above is of a Gorilla that sits in Chapelfield Gardens and has been vandalised with graffiti.

Clear Interiors has to deal with all sorts of cleaning issues and occasionally we are asked to remove felt tip ink or marker pen from paintwork or carpets. We have never tried it on a Gorilla before but I’d like to bet that this simple step by step would remove the ink.


1. Check the surface, this method should only be used on non-porous surfaces

2. Get a normal dry eraser marker

3. Test the dry erase marker on an inconspicuous are of the surface you want to clean to see if it wipes off cleanly. Wait a minute or two before testing so that the ink has time to dry

4 Rinse off with a clean cloth dipped into boiling soapy water

5. Draw over the entire dried permanent marker stain with the dry erase marker. Wait 5 – 6 seconds for the marker to dry completely otherwise it will smear

6. Wipe both marks away with a lint free cloth or micro-fibre cloth. Never use paper towels

7. If the mark has been dried on for several days, repeat steps 3 & 4 more than once and perhaps with more pressure to wipe it off.

Alternatively these magic erasers work wonders with ink, crayon dirty scuff marks and stains.

images There has been an angry reaction from the people of Norwich that someone would vandalise the artwork. People on social media have been following a #protectthegorilla hashtag.

Project manager Martin Green from Break told the Norwich Evening News: “Hopefully this will act as a catalyst for people not to do this in the future because by bringing all these gorillas to Norwich not only is it bringing in lots of people into the city but it is also putting lots of smiles on peoples faces”

Till next time, we hope there is no further monkey business with our lovely Gorillas.


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