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Introducing Clear Interiors Gift Vouchers

Posted at February 21, 2013 | By : | Leave a Comment!

This week we’re very proud to announce that the good people of Norwich will now be able to get Clear Interiors Gift Vouchers! With Mother’s Day on the way we thought it would be a great time to roll these out.


5 reasons why our vouchers are a great gift

It may seem slightly strange for a domestic cleaning company to offer gift vouchers, but, there are a few great reasons why we have:

1. Some people may be difficult to buy a particular ‘thing’ for, so getting gift vouchers for a service or experience can be a great alternative.

2. Having your home cleaned is a form of pampering and often makes a big difference to how people feel in their home. Particularly with our Spring Clean service, which is very thorough and can transform a home that has had the cleaning neglected, the difference can be dazzling!

3. For busy people or people who may have been unwell or stressed out and therefore unable to keep on top of the housework, this gift could be a big weight off their mind and help make their environment a more nourishing and peaceful place to unwind or get better.

4. For couples, if one of you does all the cleaning, these gift vouchers could provide a welcome break from doing the regular cleans and free up some time to go out together and relax.

5. It’s probably not the first gift in mind, but it can be a great way to show you care about someone and for the right person could be a very relevant and thoughtful gift.


How do I order a Clear Interiors Gift Voucher?

If you think this would make a great present for someone you know, for Mother’s Day or an upcoming birthday, contact us to discuss what sort of service you think your recipient might like to use and we can recommend the value the voucher would be to cover that service. Alternatively, you can specify an amount that they can use however they like!

Call: 01603 617 732
Email: hello@clearinteriors.co.uk

In other news – We want your feedback

Over the next few months we’ll be reviewing our website and as well as adding a section for information about our gift vouchers and home staging service, we want to take suggestions from you! Have you used our website? What do you think? Are there any new features that you would find useful? Have you encountered any issues when using it? What’s good? What’s not so good? Whatever you think, a few words emailed over would be great! We’ll take into account all your feedback and launch any changes in the coming weeks.

Also, if there’s any content you’d like to see on our blog that we haven’t covered yet, let us know! We want it to be useful for our Norwich customers and readers.

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