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New Year’s Resolutions – De-Cluttering Special Offer to Help You!

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Setting New Year’s resolutions might just work, so it’s always worth a try!

It’s that time of year again. The hangover has gone and it’s the first week of the year. You’re thinking how you’ve got to start lugging yourself back to work and waking up from your festive stupor. You’re also thinking, ‘I’ve at least got to start the year well!’ and even though many of us are skeptical about New Year’s resolutions, making a positive change for a short time is firstly still an achievement and secondly, you might actually stick to it long term so it’s always worth a try. I’m very keen on plans and goal setting and even if many go by un-achieved, some of them stick.

Spring cleaning your home can get you ready for a new year

Perhaps, like me, you feel the urge to spring clean your home as soon as the new year rolls around. After slobbing about in the house, eating, having people visit and having the decorations up, the new year, particularly with a hangover can suddenly make you and your home feel a bit grubby and messy. Cleaning the house from top to bottom can signify renewal, getting back on top of things and having a fresh start along with getting your health and fitness back on track and setting other new goals in progress.

Your home is a reflection of you and your state of mind

At Clear Interiors we really believe that your home is a reflection of you, your personality and your state of mind. For example, someone with a really spotless, minimalist house is likely to be a perfectionist, high achiever and possibly working in creative industries. People living in a comfortable, country style cottage are probably professionals who like home comforts and have their home as a cosy retreat from the world outside. Likewise, someone who has a lot of belongings, keeps everything because they think it will be useful and cannot keep on top of their home may be getting overwhelmed with anxiety that is getting in the way of their true personality shining through in the way their home is decorated and arranged.

Perhaps de-cluttering your home is your new year’s resolution! We can help!

If, like many other people, you’re entering the new year and considering de-cluttering, space clearing and re-organising your home as your new year’s resolution, we can help! There really is no point struggling with this on your own, when you can get an experienced, non-judgemental professional to come in and guide you through the process. If it really has got on top of you, you may not actually be able to achieve this goal without the support of someone else as it can be surprisingly tricky to judge what to keep and what to get rid of when you’re in a position of being overwhelmed and anxious about letting go of belongings.

Clear Interiors’ New Year De-cluttering Special Offer

To help you on the way to making the decision to get the support you need to achieve your goal of having a relaxing, organised home, we have got a special offer on our de-cluttering service.

Our new, Norwich based customers will receive 30% off their first session of de-cluttering with me (Jane). New customers must book using this offer before 14th February 2013.

How does the Clear Interiors de-cluttering service work?

If you want to go ahead and get on with de-cluttering your home with Clear Interiors, you will first have a free, 30 minute consultation at your home. The first session of de-cluttering must last a minimum of 3 hours. The first three hours usually costs £75.00 and then £25.00 per hour thereafter. So, if you decide to use our offer, the first three hour session would cost just £52.50! If you wanted your first session to be longer than 3 hours, the discount would apply to the total cost of that session.

Read more about our de-cluttering service here.

Alternatively get in touch with us now to find out more or book yourself in for a free consultation. Email: or Telephone: 01603 717 732

Oh and one final thing… Happy New Year everyone! We all want to wish you a prosperous and sparkling clean 2013!

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