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Public Toilets Norwich

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Yes I know, we are still on the toilet subject. This time lets go public and specifically public in Norwich.

I don’t know about you but eating or drinking out and about any time of day or night usually involves a trip to the ladies or gents. I can usually get an idea of how clean the toilets are going to be when I walk into an establishment.

As I am sure all of you know there is a wide spectrum of cleanliness in our public loo’s from downright filthy to gleaming.

Has it always been like this? Or did years ago we have more awareness that good hygiene equals good health? Not forgetting good old pride.

Remember the days of the attendant, employed as a full time member of staff. Who maintained a lovely clean, pleasant smelling, safe and relaxing environment in which to perform your duties. Yes, relaxing is very important! It always puts a smile on my face if i walk into a public loo and check out the base of the toilet pedestal, to find it clean and pee free.

Taps that are sparkling and don’t have a ring of grimy brown/black scale round the base. Why don’t some people see the value in presenting their public toilet in the best possible light?

What immediately springs to mind in the filth stakes is Norwich Station! I haven’t been in there lately because the last time i went in it was so appalling, filthy, smelly and very unpleasant. It has put me off entering said establishment again. Who does the cleaning in there????

My favorite eating establishments have beautifully clean ladies rooms and I tend to stick to these places because in my mind they also produce the best food, and service. Not that I get out too much these days as you can see from my sparse list

Mackintosh’s Canteen,

The Street Cafe Magdalen Street (the best fried breakfast’s in town),

The Iron House,

The Coach and Horse’s on Thorpe Rd. near the Station. They have a super gimmicky toilet seat cleaning contraption.. check it out.

The Forum Library, who do have a regular attendant. Bit wiffy in there though even though it’s clean. Might be a drain problem.


My Hairdresser’s Devotion Unisex Hair Studio

Pizza Express (St. Benedicts)

On a personal note 27 years ago, I was in Woolworth’s cafe in Halifax W.Yorkshire, feeding my baby, somebody complained and was asked to go and sit in the toilets and feed her!! There were no baby changing/feeding facilities so it would have meant sitting on the toilet!!! Fuming i complained to the manager.

How do you use public loo’s?

This might be something most people don’t mention but actually do when they go to a public toilet.

Put toilet paper on the seat

Wipe the toilet seat with either toilet paper or some antiseptic wipes you carry on your person

Hover over the toilet seat, then wipe any splash’s when you’ve finished, presuming it’s no.1′s of course

Take a piece of toilet paper to open the door with or use your sleeve to unlock and open the door

When you have washed your hands use piece of paper or sleeve to open the main door (because as we know a lot of people don’t wash their hands after completing their business!

This is such a big public issue, in fact a friend of mine and myself were on the brink of starting a Norwich Public Loo cleaning company a few years ago. However we got ‘bogged down’ with our own jobs it never materialised.

A plea to all Norwich establishments who are not up to a good standard Please Scrub Your Toilets!! because i may become the ‘Toilet Inspector’ and be giving you a mention good or bad.

Till next time, hap-pee whatever!

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