End of Tenancy Clean

Get your full deposit back and sell your home faster

Our Start and End of Tenancy Clean is specifically designed to meet the needs of busy landlords, tenants looking to get as much of their deposit back as possible and homeowners who are just about to or have just moved house. The service is fast, efficient and cost-effective as we understand how stressful the handover of a property can be for everyone involved.

We also understand what landlords and estate agents are looking for from tenants when they leave a property, which is why we include details such as cleaning the soap drawer in the washing machine, to ensure tenants aren’t caught out when it comes to reclaiming their deposits! With so many other, tiring things to do, like packing and moving heavy furniture about, let us at least take the final clean of the property off your hands.

For homeowners, having your home cleaned before a viewing or in preparation for the estate agent’s photos can improve the chances of selling your home quickly. Likewise, if you’re moving into a new place that needs a once over before you unpack, we can help with that too! Sometimes a good clean will help you feel right at home in your new place.

Many of our customers choosing this package also make use of a carpet cleaning service to get a perfect finish. We have plenty of tradespeople we can recommend if you’re looking to save time and effort finding the right person. Find out more here.

Please refer to our table of cleaning services showing what would typically be covered with all types of cleaning services we offer.

As with all our cleans we can tailor them to meet your needs. Please contact us for further information about the Start/End of Tenancy Clean and to discuss your requirements.