Fortnightly Cleaning

Let Clear Interiors maintain the comfort and cleanliness of your home

If you have started your cleaning service with a Spring Clean then a regular clean will provide long-term maintenance of the cleanliness of your home so you get to enjoy the benefits of a clean home all year round.

Our Fortnightly Cleaning Service will see your home refreshed and thoroughly cleaned every two weeks. It’s perfect for people who enjoy relaxing in a clean home, but don’t mind doing some small, routine cleaning tasks between cleans to keep things ticking over. Professionals who are out of the home during the day usually find they need a clean less often than, for example a busy family, so this could be the right option for you!

For those of you who don’t want to have to lift a finger at home, our Weekly Cleaning Service might be the right option.

Please refer to our table of cleaning services showing what would typically be covered with all types of cleaning services we offer.

As with all our cleans we can tailor them to meet your needs. Please contact us for further information about the Fortnightly Cleaning Service and to discuss your requirements.