Spring Cleaning

Have your home Spring cleaned for a fresh start

A Spring Clean is the deepest clean Clear Interiors offers. It is usually carried out before a regular cleaning service begins. Some customers opt to have their homes refreshed by us once a year with a Spring Clean to keep on top of the jobs not included in their regular service. We can even send you a reminder for when it’s due!

For customers with mobility issues, we can take those tricky tasks like pulling out furniture off your hands and for all our busy families and professionals, we can take the time to do all those tasks there just never seems to be time for, like giving the interior windows a good buff to get their shine back!

With a huge range of additional services like carpet cleaning and brass polishing, you can make your Spring Clean a truly transformative experience for your home!

Please refer to our table of cleaning services showing what would typically be covered with all types of cleaning services we offer.

As with all our cleans we can tailor them to meet your needs. Please contact us for further information about our Spring Clean service and to discuss your requirements.