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Space Clearing

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As i said in my previous post on Spring Cleaning, this is a huge subject all on its own, too vast to cover in one sitting. I will make a start today and we will revisit it many times over my blogging life here.

The title of this post is another way of saying ‘de-clutter’ It also relates to an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China called Feng Shui. This is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space, to assure the health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.

Clutter in your life has many implications, physically, financially, emotionally, socially and mentally. In my experience everyone to some extent has some excess of ‘stuff’ somewhere, either on their person (handbags and pockets) or in their homes, sheds or garages.

I too have an area that is regularly purged… my  little cupboard under the stairs and the filing cabinet!

There are many reasons people become overwhelmed with clutter. Life’s circumstances such as bereavement, house moving, job loss, collections, overworking, unemployment, house renovation, inheriting belongings, depression, learned behaviour,  etc. etc. Sometimes there just isn’t enough storage space or, just a knowledge of how to organise!

Programmes like ‘Life Laundry’ and ‘How Clean Is Your House’ have helped to highlight that this can be a serious problem for some people. Some may need outside intervention to assist them. Clear Interiors can provide this help!


I have been working regularly with someone for the last few months. We de-clutter, organise and clean. The work we do is on a 50/50 basis with the customer. It is important they work with me because it is their stuff after all and they have to have some control over what to keep and what to let go of  There has been some extreme life traumas in this client’s life and several house moves so the amount of stuff collected has built up over a long period of time.

There is usually an emotional charge with these belongings, so letting go can be an emotional but also cathartic experience and has to be handled with sensitivity and a non-judgmental approach. A whole house or a whole room can seem overwhelming and would be physically and emotionally exhausting. It is important to break it down into little chunks.

Top tips for Space Clearing.

  1. Acknowledge first and foremost that an area in your house/garage/wardrobe/bag needs sorting out and is causing some level of stress!
  2. Make a space in your diary just to tackle a manageable, specific area. It could just be a cupboard/drawer/wardrobe or a whole room.
  3. Set yourself a time limit. De-Cluttering takes a lot longer than you think, so whatever time you set add an extra 30 mins just to tidy up.
  4. Have 3 boxes  (size depends on the area you are clearing away) labelled ‘Rubbish’, ‘Re-Cycle’,  & ‘Re-Locate’. Make sure you move these boxes to the appropriate areas when full!
  5. Stick to the time you set then have a 10 minute break after every 30 minutes of de-cluttering.
  6. Set another time in your diary to either go back if the project is not finished or to tackle another area.
  7. Make a note, either mental or written, of how it feels while you are working and how you feel when you finish. This will be a huge motivator for next time.
  8. Make a rule, that for everything you bring into the house, whether it’s clothes, furniture, nic-nacs, pots, pans, kitchen utensils (do you really need 3 potato mashers?) and even food (Remember fridges and cupboards need regular attention): YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST GET RID OF SOMETHING ELSE FIRST! It can go in the rubbish bin, to charity, be given away, taken to a re-cycling centre, put on Gumtree (to make money) or on Ebay. The motto is ‘I bring something in – I take something out’
  9. Finally, CLEAN the space you have cleared. Aaaaah doesn’t that feel good!!!

Till next time

Happy Clearing

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