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Special Offer: 10% Off Spring Cleans

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Now the cobwebs of January have cleared and you’re back into the swing of things, it’s a great time to get your home spring cleaned to help you feel refreshed and organised. It seems January is one of the worst months to try and start anything new, apart from the excitement of the dawn of a new year, it’s dark, long, cold and often raining or snowing. On top of that, everyone’s reeling from Christmas, getting back into their working routine and probably strapped for cash if you got paid early for Christmas. So, if your new year’s resolution was to get your home in order and you haven’t managed it in January off your own steam, why not get a helping hand from Clear Interiors?

10% Off Spring Cleans

To help you out, we’re offering 10% off any spring cleans booked between now and the end of February. This offer applies to all of our current Norwich based customers and any new customers too! So get in touch now to get your quote and book it in! Below is some more information about our Spring Cleaning service and why it’s so great.

What is a Spring Clean?

Spring Cleans are our most in depth cleans. We will work methodically from top to bottom washing woodwork instead of just dusting, cleaning the interior windows, moving furniture to clean behind it where possible, we’ll get in behind the radiators where dust can accumulate, pull out beds, clean inside cupboards where needed and get the inside of your fridge and freezer sanitised and sparkling. It really is a top to bottom service.

Click here to download our PDF that details exactly what is covered by each service.

After it’s done, you can rest assured your home is spotless even in the places you can’t see. As with all our domestic cleaning services we offer flexibility. If you’ve got particular requirements for the cleaning of your home, let us know and we will usually be able to accommodate them. We welcome customers who want a one off spring clean and can remind you a year later that you are due for another one or customers can have a spring clean and then continue with our regular cleans on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

If you’re thinking of going all out we can also arrange for our trusted contractors to carry out carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and exterior window cleaning. That really would be the ultimate in home cleaning!

How Does a Spring Clean Benefit Regular Customers?

Clear Interiors is working towards setting up a reminder service for our regular customers. We would normally recommend regular customers to have their homes spring cleaned at least once per year. There are a few reasons why it is a good idea to get your home spring cleaned at intervals:

1. It will cost you much less than your initial spring clean carried out when you first became a Clear Interiors customer. The longer it is left, the more expensive the spring clean could become as dust and dirt accumulates in areas not currently covered by our regular cleans.

2. Spring cleans get into the areas not covered by our regular cleaning services such as inside the fridge, cupboards and underneath furniture.

Find Out More

If you have any questions or just want to book yourself in you can email hello@clearinteriors.co.uk or call 01603 617732. Remember to mention that you have seen the offer on the Clear Interiors blog to make sure you claim your discount!

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