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Summer Holidays

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images-1 For those of us with children summer holidays can mean a lot of work. Extra organising, cooking, entertaining, expense, and of course CLEANING! It all sounds exhausting.

If you have our cleaning service on a regular basis it is at least one major job you don’t have to think about.

Here at Clear Interiors we are a flexible bunch and are able to work around your little ones sticky marks, sandy carpets and muddy prints. All with no extra fuss. Occasionally we are asked to come in a little later to allow time for the family to get organised. Very often our families like to get the children up and out before we arrive. Either way is fine with us.

Sometimes of course our customers enjoy a summer vacation in which case our service is either postponed or we are asked to go in to do some more specific tasks, such as a Spring Clean, internal windows, ovens, fridges, inside cupboards or all of the above so that on your return the house is gleaming and all you have to do is a washing mountain.

For those of us with children:

4 top tips to minimise stress during the holidays.

a) Do less
in order to minimise stress and to allow you to focus on enjoying being with your children and getting them into good habits. Beware of over stimulating the children. Plan for some time for yourself so that you can replenish the resource that you are for your family.

b) Plan More!
Spend time anticipating what could go wrong and take preventive
action. Have solution time with your partner and family meetings to
discuss planned events

c) Think Through Rules
and routines for the holidays and discuss them with your partner. There
should be rules even if these are different from those you have at home
in term time. You may need to discuss house rules with the parents of
other families under the same roof. Even if this means compromising on
what you really want to happen you are more likely to be able to make
the compromise rule work.

d) Call Clear Interiors
and arrange for us to clean your home giving you the free time you need
to spend with your children.

If you need to make any special arrangements with your cleaning over the coming weeks, please ring us on 01603 617 732

Until next time Happy Holidays


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