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Top 15 Cleaning Tips for the New Year

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images-1Clear Interiors hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.

We certainly welcomed the break especially in the very busy run up to Christmas. It is back to work as usual, and think we have most of the pine needles tucked away in our Henry’s.

Looking forward 2014 is going to be an exciting year ahead and we have lots of plans and events lined up so watch this space. I have even thought of a nifty Christmas Card disposal offer for next year, which you will hear about in due course.

How are your New Years resolutions going? Have you made any regarding the cleaning and management of your home?

Here to help you along are 15 of our greatest cleaning tips guaranteed to keep you on the ball with your cleaning schedule.


Make a house cleaning kit that has all the essential supplies and materials needed to clean each room. Store in a brightly colored plastic bucket or basket that can be carried from room to room.

Cleaning Products

Limit to good quality, multi purpose cleaner, toilet de-scaler, polish, & microfibre cloths. Natural but very effective products we also like are, white vinegar, bi-carb & soda crystals

Cleaning Plan

Create a long-term cleaning plan that lists tasks often left out of regular cleans, such as ovens, light fixtures and fridge interiors. By knowing what you plan on cleaning, and how often, you can develop a strategy that ensures nothing is overlooked.


Either a telescopic cobweb brush or a slightly damp cloth on the end of a mop pole. Start at the door, go from left all round the edges of the room and back to the door, then go to the ceiling light, taking great care the light is off.


Dust first with a fine micro-fibre cloth and vacuum second. Any bits of dust or dirt will fall to the floor and be picked up with the hoover. Start at the door and move left to right round the whole room, finish back at the door then concentrate on the middle.

Picture Frames

Use slightly damp micro-fibre and a dry cloth. Wipe across the top, sides and glass, use dry cloth to buff.

Glass & Shiny Surfaces

Keeping products to a minimum, all you need is a good quality micro-fibre cloth soaked in water and wrung out as tightly as possible. Clean windows/shiny surfaces using the damp and a dry micro-fibre cloth to buff.

Pet Hair Removal

Either a damp cloth, rubber glove or a squeegee will remove pet hair from furniture, curtains or carpets

Floor Cleaning

Always hoover first before you damp mop. Start in the top left corner furthest away from the door and work backwards. Use a damp cloth on the end of your mop pole to reach in-between narrow spaces

Kitchen Cleaning

Wipe spills as they occur, work top to bottom around your units. Soak burner rings from the cooker in Soda Crystals, it will loosen the dirt and grease and be easier to clean.


Good habits go a long way, clean any spills immediately


My favorite is to use a squeegee on the tiles after every shower and a microfibre cloth to dry the chrome. It will be much easier and less time consuming to clean the bathroom if it is done on a regular basis. Then you will be maintaining the room instead of letting mildew and soap scum build up over time.

Stainless Steel

Use a small amount of baby oil on either a dry cloth or cotton wool to buff after cleaning to leave a smooth shiny stain free finish.


Check the manual first. We like an everso slightly damp microfibre cloth (anti-static) then buffed with a dry cotton or micro cloth.



Empty the bag regularly. If the hoover smells, pop a laundry dryer sheet into the bag. If suction is poor, check the hoses and floor plates are not blocked.


Clear Interiors includes all of the above on our regular and one off Spring Cleans.

For a free quote ring 01603 617 732. Make 2014 the year you prioritise  Free Time! 




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