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Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips

Posted at February 16, 2012 | By : | Leave a Comment!

Clear Interiors is celebrating it’s 9th birthday this month. What better way to mark the anniversary than with our lovely new website, which I am sure you will all enjoy perusing.

It is coming up to that time of year when the increasing quality of light reveals a host of gathered cobwebs, dust and fur-balls in the hidden corners and recesses of our rooms. Windows suddenly appear hazy and smeared and there might be a bit of a fusty feel to the whole house that’s not been aired through the cold, dark and long winter days.

The solution? Yes, SPRING CLEANING! I love this time of year for this very reason, it is afresh with potential for new beginnings and buoys your New Years resolutions. It is a time for preparation and anticipation of  the Spring and Summer ahead. Spring Cleaning invigorates, inspires, promotes well-being and not forgetting burns calories!

Before your Spring Clean you may want to have a good old De-Clutter of all your un-worn (for one year at least) clothes and un-wanted gifts, nic-nacs and general stuff that has accumulated over time that is taking up space and energy.

It is easy to undervalue the huge therapeutic properties that De-Cluttering and Cleaning has. But we all know that once it’s done you’ll be left with a great feeling of achievement and satisfaction.The easiest and most relaxing way of your Spring Clean being accomplished, is by having a team of our experts at Clear Interiors come in to take the strain off. You will still have a sense of satisfaction and relief without all the hard work.

Just imagine going out for the day and coming back to a beautiful fresh clean sparkling home, that you can relax in and enjoy the benefits, knowing that every nook and cranny has been got at.

Whether it is carried out by Clear Interiors or by yourself it makes maintaining your home for the rest of the year a lot easier.

Top Tips for your Spring Clean


  • Start at the top of the house/flat and work your way down.
  • Leave your bathroom (while working upstairs) till last and kitchen (when downstairs) till last.
  • Apply the top to bottom rule in every room, ie. de-cobweb 1st, then work round the whole room starting at the door.
  • Have a break every half hour
  • Reward yourself at the end with a nice long soak in some bubbles


De-Cluttering is a whole topic on it’s own! I am looking forward to this one it’s my favorite!

Happy Cleaning till next time.

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