Meet the Team

Meet our friendly, professional team of the best domestic cleaners in Norwich. Get to know and trust who will be coming to clean your home.

All of our staff are directly employed by Clear Interiors of Norwich (we are not an agency). They all receive our structured, in-house training during their first 6 months with us and then ongoing training to top up their skills after that. All staff are insured, uniformed and DBS checked.

Manager Jane Foulger

Jane – Manager and Owner

Jane is the Manager and Owner of Clear Interiors of Norwich. Originally from Lancashire, Jane moved to Norfolk in 1992 and has made it her home. She loves Norwich for it’s fantastic, independent coffee shops, restaurants and culture, and likes to go for long walks at the weekend in the countryside. She loves interior design, healthy eating and watching great TV series’ like The Sopranos, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

Jane really enjoys the whole process of running Clear Interiors, making constant improvements and seeing them pay off with happy customers, and managing her team of domestic cleaners in Norwich. She is hoping to continue to improve and grow Clear Interiors and her personal goals for the future are to own her own home and to travel to new places.

Assistant Manager Portrait

Susie – Assistant Manager

Susie is our Assistant Manager and has been with us for many years. Originally from Germany, Susie has lived in Norwich for 36 years. She previously ran her own successful mobile catering company where she managed 15 staff members. Susie has a big family in Norwich, with 20 grandchildren. She loves spending time with them and her husband. She’s also an incredible baker and can create imaginative and expertly decorated cakes. Susie likes to relax by doing puzzles and watching mystery films.

At work Susie is the mastermind behind our weekly scheduling of cleans, which is no small feat. She manages most of our day-to-day operations and is always on hand to fix things if anything goes awry, or if last minute changes need to be made. Susie likes working at Clear Interiors because there is never a dull moment! She plans to stay with us until she retires. Hooray!

Cleaner Sharon Raven

Sharon – Team Leader and Trainer

Sharon is a Clear Interiors stalwart and has been with us since 2005! With such a wealth of experience, Sharon was able to progress into a Team Leader role and eventually become a Trainer. She normally supervises new team members when they start out with us and helps them to learn Clear Interiors’ cleaning methods.

Sharon is from Norwich and likes spending time with her family, including extended family like her nieces and nephews. At the weekend she enjoys gardening, DIY and looking after her tropical fish. She is a fantastic cleaner as well as being a genuinely kind and caring person who understands people’s needs.

Sharon finds her work satisfying because she knows she is making other people’s lives a little bit easier and she enjoys meeting new people.

Glen – Team Leader and Trainer

Glen has been with us for a long time and is worth his weight in gold! He previously managed an antiques centre and also worked as a self-employed handyman. Glen has enviable stamina and never seems to run out of energy. His proactive and positive attitude meant he was a natural Team Leader and Trainer, so we were sure to put his skills to good use training new staff members.

Glen is from Norwich and is Susie’s son, so has to be careful at work not to incur the wrath of his mum! He likes playing snooker, looking after his tropical fish and gardening. He is also skilled in woodwork and keeps this up in his free time. Glen works incredibly hard for Clear Interiors and in the future plans to buy his own home and a new car.

Cleaner Sharon Smith

Sharon – Team Member

Sharon has been with us for many years and has never had a day off sick! She is a very hard worker and nothing ever phases her. She has an eye for detail and a proactive approach to helping out.

Sharon is from Norwich and loves spending time in our lovely city, and seeing her grandchildren in her free time. She is a fantastic baker and an animal lover. She has cats and a rabbit at home to look after. Sharon loves camping and recently invested in a caravan to make camping just that bit more luxurious!

Sharon really enjoys meeting new people through her work. Sharon and Glen often work together and make a fantastic team.

Cleaner Edina Tokar

Edina – Team Member

Edina has been with us for quite a long time now and has proven herself to be a valuable member of the team. She has an impressive set of skills, having previously worked in a travelling circus as a trapeze artist. She is very sporty and athletic and this is something that comes in very handy when cleaning homes! Originally from Hungary, Edina has been in Norwich for just over 1 year. She loves how pretty Norwich is, something I think we can all agree with her on.

In her free time, Edina enjoys spending time with her dog, going to the gym and relaxing in a sauna. Edina gets satisfaction from her work with us when she sees the end result of a good clean.

Cleaner Ruth Robinson

Ruth – Team Member

Ruth is a fantastic member of our team. She is Glen’s wife, following the Clear Interiors tradition of being a family run business! Ruth is often on hand to do extra hours when we get busy, or getting in lots of Spring Cleans. She has previously worked as a Children’s Entertainer and a Baker. She also is a great asset to our local community, running an effective Facebook page for missing persons.

In her free time, Ruth loves to play bingo, sew and make alterations to clothing. She values her happiness and health, and is someone who will go with the flow and see where things take her. Ruth has really enjoyed her time with us so far and has found us to be a friendly team to be working with!