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The cost of your clean will be dependent on a range of factors, however, our cleaning services can be tailored to suit your budget.

Book a free, in-home, no obligation quotation now and one of our experienced managers will come out to visit you and discuss your individual needs at a time to suit you.

How do you price my clean?

Many things are considered when pricing your clean. These include:

  • The size of your home – The smaller your home is, the quicker it will be to clean your home from top-to-bottom.
  • The number of belongings or items requiring special attention – Homes with less furniture and fewer belongings will require less work to clean. Some homes also have items that require extra time and attention, such as brass doorhandles that need polishing.
  • The frequency of your clean – We take the frequency of your clean into account when quoting, because a home being cleaned weekly will require less work than a house being cleaned fortnightly or monthly, where dirt, dust and limescale has had more of a chance to build up. This is usually a good way for people to keep the cost of their clean down by choosing the frequency they feel is the best value for them.
  • The location of your property – No extra charge is applied for properties within a 5 mile radius of our offices in Norwich. Small additional charges are applied for properties beyond this area. This is because we are not an agency and employ all our staff directly, which means that legally we have to pay our staff for their travel time between jobs. We believe this is ethical and important for our staff as driving is part of their working day. As their travel time gets longer, visiting properties further away, we have to take this cost into account.
  • What additional services you would like – We offer a range of additional services so we can take the most annoying household tasks off your hands and tailor your clean to suit your needs. Additional services will come with small, extra charges which vary depending on what you request.
  • Whether you decide to put some duties on a rota – Many customers like to create their own bespoke cleaning rota. Putting rooms or duties on a rota can be a great way to manage the cost of your clean as well as keeping every bit of your house spotless.
  • The current cleanliness of your home – Some people have spotless homes already, but would like us to take over their cleaning chores, whilst others may be more relaxed about a bit of build up at home. The cleaner a home is to start with, the less work is involved in getting it to the Clear Interiors standard.
  • How much dirt builds up between cleans – Pets, babies, children and socialising at home are all important parts of our lives, but we all know they can create a little extra mess! We take this into account when pricing your clean, as a household with a single person and no pets is likely to have less build up of dust and dirt between cleans, than a bustling family of four with a friendly dog.

Why don’t you provide an hourly rate?

The cost of our cleans covers a top-to-bottom clean of your home every time, so we price per job instead of per hour. We don’t leave when the ‘time is up’, we leave when we have delivered the standard of service we say we will deliver.

This means you don’t have to worry about how long we are taking and if your whole house will get done each time.

We do this because the speed at which staff clean can vary. Different teams work at different speeds and even on an individual level, sometimes a team member may work more slowly than usual, perhaps if they are particularly tired that day. Also, we feel that just because a staff member spends a certain number of hours cleaning your home, this doesn’t guarantee that they have done a good job! We feel it’s better to deliver a quality service, rather than an exact amount of staff time.

Price per job means:

  • The price of your clean is fixed, making it easier to budget for.
  • It doesn’t matter how quickly or slowly your team is working that day, you will always get the same standard of clean. Some of our teams are faster than others, and also, as it is a hard, physical job, some days individual team members will be quicker than others.
  • You pay for the standard of the clean rather than for a set amount of man hours regardless of quality or speed.

What is included in the cost of my clean?

  • All equipment and chemicals
  • Uniforms
  • A full top-to-bottom clean of your home
  • Easily contactable management team, on hand to solve any issues or queries
  • Excellent customer service
  • Free re-cleans of areas if something is missed
  • Insurance
  • Ethically, securely and legally employed staff who are provided with extensive, ongoing training and who are paid a proper wage and benefits, including legally required pay for their travel time between cleans