Regular Clean

Close up of a clean, shiny cleaning customer's copper coloured toaster

Our regular cleaning service in Norwich will enable you to reclaim your free time and make your home a clean, healthy environment you can enjoy all year round. We offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly cleans, however, your regular clean can be tailored to suit your specific needs, so your home is taken care of exactly as you would like.


Tailor your regular clean to suit your needs

As standard, we include a set of cleaning duties that will give your home a thorough top-to-bottom clean every time we visit. However, you can tailor all aspects of the clean to suit your specific needs, including frequency. For example, some customers put their guest bedrooms on a rota if they are used infrequently. Some people choose additional services to take some of their least favourite household chores off their hands.

Have a look at our Additional Services page and our Bespoke Cleaning Rota page to see how your clean can be adapted to suit your home.


Set the frequency of your clean to suit your budget

Customising the frequency and duties we carry out is a great way to manage the cost of your clean. For example, a busy family may opt for a weekly clean to keep right on top of the happy chaos that family life can sometimes create, whereas a single professional may require a monthly clean to keep on top of the inevitable build up of dust and dirt. The frequency you choose also depends on your tolerance for a build up of dust and dirt between cleans!


Choose when we visit

Where possible, we will always give you your first choice of regular cleaning day. We are sometimes able to offer the option to be the first clean, meaning we start between 08:30-09:00 on the day of your clean, or you can choose to not be a first clean if you prefer us to come a little later.

This can be useful if you have a busy morning routine and would prefer we arrive once everyone has gone to work and school, or if you’re an early riser and would prefer to be present when our team arrives.

Don’t spend your weekends cleaning. It can take hours of your precious free time, especially when doing it single handed. Professionals are always going to be quicker because of their training and the fact that they do it every day!


Who is it for?

Many of our customers are busy families and professionals, or retired couples and individuals looking to enjoy their free time rather than spending it cleaning. However, our regular cleaning service is also perfect for:

  • People with disabilities who need extra help to live independently in a safe, comfortable home.
  • Those who are experiencing ill health and need some help to keep on top of household tasks while they recuperate.
  • New mums who have their hands full and want to keep a hygienic, safe home for their little ones without wearing themselves out completely!
  • Elderly people who want to continue living independently in their own home without compromising their standard of living.


What’s included as standard?

Below are all the duties we include as standard in our Regular Cleaning Service. Click here to see a table comparing all of our cleaning services and the duties we include and read our FAQ to find out more about our services.

All Rooms
De-cobwebbing, where it’s possible to reachYes
Cleaning light fittings, removing the shade if necessaryAd Hoc
Dusting light fittingsYes
Cleaning door handlesYes
Cleaning light switchesYes
Dusting plug socketsYes
Dusting skirting boards, interior door panels and door framesYes
Dusting interior window ledges and framesYes
Dusting pictures and ornaments, lifting and dusting underneathYes
Mirrors cleaned and buffed with micro fibre clothsYes
Furniture moved and cleaned behind, except desks with computers on and kitchen appliances or where furniture is too heavy or unsafe to be movedAd Hoc
Furniture polished, where appropriateAd Hoc
Furniture dustedYes
Floors vacuumedYes
Dusting radiators, front, back and between as appropriateYes
Cleaning glass panels on internal doorsYes
Curtain poles and ringsYes
Curtains vacuumed as appropriateAd Hoc
Blinds dustedYes
Upholstery vacuumed, removing cushions and throwsYes
TV & HiFi cleaned using microfibre clothesYes
Cushion plumpingYes
Bins emptied, outside of the bin sanitised and fresh bin bags addedYes
Fresh towels, dishcloths, tea towels and shower mats put outAd Hoc
Dusting plantsAd Hoc
Computers cleaned around without movingYes
Brass polishingAd Hoc
Making the bedYes
Bathrooms and Toilets
Descale and sanitise toilets. Inside of toilets are cleaned if a toilet brush is provided.Yes
Baths descaled and sanitised, including external panelsYes
Sinks descaled and sanitised including underside and pedestalYes
Toilet paper foldedYes
Towels foldedYes
Inside soap dish and toothbrush holdersYes
Showers and shower screens descaled and sanitisedYes
Bidets descaled and sanitisedYes
Taps and shower heads de-scaled and polishedYes
Tiles and taps de-scaled and polishedYes
Kitchens / Utility Rooms
Kitchen surfaces and shelves cleaned and sanitisedYes
Outside of cupboards and drawers cleaned and sanitisedYes
Tiles and splash-backs de-greased and polishedYes
Underside of eye-level units cleaned and sanitisedAd Hoc
Clean kitchen table and chairsYes
Hob cleaned and buffedYes
Extractor fan / hood cleanedYes
Inside rim of dishwasher cleanedYes
Exterior of the oven cleanedYes
Gaps between free-standing appliances vacuumed and mopped where possibleYes
External clean of the microwaveYes
Exterior of appliances such as kettles, toasters, blenders, etc. cleanedYes
Sinks de-scaled and polishedYes
Interior kitchen window cleaned and buffedYes
Outside of white goods cleanedYes
Washing up the breakfast dishes or putting them in the dishwasher and putting the dishwasher on. Large amounts will not be washed up.Yes
Empty and clean the crumb trays in toastersAd Hoc
Accepting deliveriesYes
Dealing with tradespeopleYes