Ironing Service

Iron on an ironing board next to neatly folded shirts

Ironing Service Norwich – 24 hour turnaround – No need to book


Who is it for?

Our ironing service in Norwich is for all of our regular customers for whom we hold keys, although in some instances we may be able to make appropriate arrangements for other customers or individuals, so it is worth getting in touch if you are interested in using our ironing service.

How does it work?

  1. Leave out the clothes you want to have ironed on the day of your clean. We suggest leaving it next to your cheque/cash if you normally pay via these methods, or on your sofa, as this will be easy for our teams to spot. If you have pets, you could put them in a bin liner or reusable bag, which we will return to you.
  2. The team will collect the ironing when they come to clean. There’s no need to book or let us know, just leave the clothes out as described above.
  3. Your clothes will be returned the following day. All items will be folded except for shirts, which will be on hangers. Clothes will normally be left in the master bedroom. Folded clothes will be left on the bed and shirts will be hung somewhere appropriate. Any clothing left out for us on a Friday will be returned on the following Monday, or Tuesday in the case of a Bank Holiday.
  4. You’ll receive a text to let you know we are dropping off your clothes. Before we do the rounds, we’ll let you know we’ll be popping by with your freshly ironed clothes, but there’s no need for you to be in when we do this.

How do I pay?

If we have an email address for you, you’ll receive an itemised invoice via email. Payment can be made in the same way as with your regular cleaning service.

If you don’t have an email address, an itemised invoice will be left in your home, usually in the kitchen. Bank account details will be on the invoice if you want to make a bank transfer. Alternatively, cash or cheque can be left out on the day of your next clean.

How much does it cost?

We have a simple price list, to keep things really easy-peasy:

Items (adults) Price (per item) Excl. VAT
Shirts £1.75
Other (trousers/jumpers/t-shirts/nightwear) £0.90
Handkerchief £0.25
Underwear £0.65


Household Price (per item) Excl. VAT
Bedding £1.50
Towels £1.50
Tablecloths £1.50
Curtains (price per curtain) £1.50
Pillow Case £0.65


Items (children) Price (per item) Excl. VAT
All clothing £0.65
Underwear £0.45


What if something goes wrong?

Our service is designed to be simple and straightforward, but if there’s ever an issue, please contact us straight away on 07889 489 174 and we’ll be happy to assist.

If an item of clothing is lost or damaged, we will offer you the money to replace the item with like for like OR the equivalent in money off your next service.

We keep clothes in zip-able bags and shirts in polythene covers to avoid stains or dirtying your clothes in transit. We check items before ironing and will note any prior damage or stains in the notes section of your invoice. Likewise, if there are any items that are unsuitable for our iron or steamer, we will note this on the invoice.

If our teams for some reason miss a collection of clothing, let us know and we’ll be happy to come and pick it up. Please see the full Terms and Conditions relating to the Ironing Service here.