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Clear Interiors is always looking for bright staff to join our growing team, so if you’re looking for a new role in a friendly, supportive, local company, have a look at the information below and get in touch with us to find out more. If you cannot use the online application form, click here to download a Word version of the form.

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Why work for Clear Interiors?

There are loads of reasons why working for Clear Interiors is a great choice. Here are just a few:

  1. Thorough training – We offer thorough training to all new staff to make sure you’re happy and confident with the way you deliver our service. Training lasts for 6 months, with regular top ups and appraisals after that.
  2. Uniforms and kit provided – Clear Interiors provides uniforms, equipment and kit so you’re not left out of pocket.
  3. We are not an agency! – You become part of the Clear Interiors team, meaning you don’t need to be self-employed, you don’t need to provide your own kit and uniform, you are insured under our policy, we pay your salary, etc. You’ll receive pay for your time between jobs and for time spent going and doing re-cleans. Eligible staff will also be auto-enrolled into our pension scheme, helping you to plan for your future. You just need to focus on delivering a great service!
  4. Paid annual leave – We offer paid annual leave for all staff, including time off over Christmas for everyone. This means your salary won’t take a hit, just because you need time off for a well earned holiday.
  5. No unsocial hours – Clear Interiors jobs are daytime and weekday only, so you don’t have to work unsocial hours.
  6. Flexible hours – We offer flexible hours for staff, so if you have children who need picking up from school, for example, we can fit work around you. Likewise, if you want more hours, we will work hard to try and offer you extra work.
  7. Opportunities to increase earnings – Clear Interiors offers opportunities to staff to develop. As you progress with us, opportunities can arise to take on extra responsibilities, duties and roles. Some staff become Trainers for new colleagues. There may also be opportunities to work on our ironing service! All these roles bring opportunities for earning more.
  8. Mileage paid for – For all our Drivers, we offer mileage and a higher rate of pay, so again, you aren’t left out of pocket for using your car for work.
  9. Friendly and supportive environment – We are a friendly bunch, with a supportive management team, who are always on hand to help. We put a lot of time and effort into making Clear Interiors a great company to work for and ensuring you have all the support you need to do your job well.


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Who we are looking for

Never worked as a Professional Cleaning Operative before? Not to worry, as we provide thorough training for everyone who joins our team. However, we do look for a number of traits that we know will make you a fantastic addition to our team:

  1. Methodical, attention to detail and consistent – The Clear Interiors cleaning method is all about following steps in the same order for each clean. This ensures we can deliver a consistent service for every customer, every time. This is THE most important thing we look for in new staff members.
  2. Professional and discrete – Everyone at Clear Interiors is professional in their approach to work and how we treat each other. This involves talking respectfully to each other and getting the job done in the way that is set out in your training.
  3. Flexible  We have a LOT of customers and that number is growing. There are also exciting changes and developments happening at Clear Interiors. Managing all this is no small task, so we need staff who will respond positively when there’s a schedule change at the last minute.
  4. Able to work in a team and independently – By this we mean that if you work alone, you’ll work to the same standards as when you’re in a team and if you work in a team, you’ll be positive, helpful and take joint responsibility for getting the job done well.
  5. Respond positively to constructive feedback  As we said, we offer ongoing training and tips for our staff. Sometimes some people need a little extra training than others. All we ask is that training and tips are responded to positively, and as an opportunity to improve and learn. Training is always delivered in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.
  6. Honest  If something goes wrong or isn’t working, we need to put it right. We can only do this if we have staff who let us know when an accident has occurred. We’ll always respond to situations like this in a practical way and focus on what we can do to fix things.
  7. Trustworthy  This is the KEY trait that our customers expect from our staff. We are key-holders for many of our customers, so they trust us with the very security of their homes. Staff MUST be trusted to treat their homes with respect at all times.
  8. Work to high standards  We offer a high standard of clean at Clear Interiors, so we look for people who feel compelled to consistently meet these standards rather than try to get by with the minimum effort.
  9. Approachable and friendly  Our whole team are a friendly bunch and we believe that this is a key ingredient for making Clear Interiors a great place to work. Not only that, but it’s crucial that customers feel able to approach us when they have a question or issue.
  10. Take pride in your work  We give praise to all our staff when they do a good job. We really do value the work they do to make people’s homes more comfortable. In some instances, we are providing a service for people who are not able, or well enough, to clean their homes themselves. We don’t see it as ‘just cleaning’ and we hope you don’t either. Doing a job well is something to feel proud of and that feeling of accomplishment will make your work more satisfying.


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The Role

Most staff join us as a Professional Cleaning Operative and usually a Driver. Read the full job specification for the Professional Cleaning Operative role. If all this sounds like music to your ears, then apply now, or get in touch via or call 07889 489 174 to find out more.