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We know that the products we use to clean your home matter. They need to get the job done and be safe for you, your children, your pets and our staff. Read more about our carefully selected products below and if you would like some to keep in your home for quick wipe-downs between regular cleans, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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Product About
Multi-Surface Polish Our multi-surface polish is environmentally friendly and comes in recyclable bottles. Its anti-static properties are ideal for computer areas. We use this on most surfaces in “dry rooms” such as living rooms and bedrooms. Where polish is not appropriate, such as on mirrors and screens, we will use a damp micro-fibre cloth.
Kitchen Degreaser Our environmentally friendly, un-perfumed kitchen degreaser easily cuts through any build ups in the kitchen after cooking. This also comes in recyclable bottles.
Antibacterial Washroom Cleaner Our antibacterial washroom cleaner is ideal for disinfecting sinks, baths, toilets and showers, making them shine. It is environmentally friendly, comes in recyclable bottles and has a light, fresh, citrus fragrance.
Antibacterial Foaming Cleaner Our antibacterial foaming cleaner is fantastic at removing limescale, fat, fungus and stubborn stains. It is environmentally friendly, comes in recyclable bottles and has a light, fresh, citrus fragrance.
Toilet Cleaner Our toilet cleaner dissolves limescale in 5 minutes flat and disinfects the loo, making it shine every time. It is environmentally friendly and comes in recyclable packaging.
Kettle and Shower Descaler Our fast-acting descaler can be used with kettles, irons, showerheads and coffee machines. We don’t use this as standard in our regular cleaning service, but, you can request some extra descaling as an additional service. Having your kettle descaled every 3 months takes away one more annoying household task from your to do list, makes your cups of tea taste better, makes your kettle last longer and use less energy! Norwich is a hard water area, so we understand that limescale is a constant battle.
Air Freshener Our air freshener quickly dispels unpleasant odours and the long-lasting, fresh, wild berry fragrance gives you a satisfying welcome home after every clean. It is also environmentally friendly and comes in recyclable packaging.

We will always lightly spritz your home at the end of a clean as standard, however, we appreciate not everyone likes to have fragrance in their home. Please do let us know if you would prefer us not to use this product when we visit.

Other We provide all kit and equipment for our cleans and may, from time to time make use of additional products to use on issues specific to your home. All equipment has been safety checked. If you have a specific product you’d like us to use, such as a particular wooden floor cleaner, or leather sofa cleaner, do let us know and leave that product out and available each time we visit.