Maid for You staff and customers join Clear Interiors

We've doubled in size overnight by welcoming the Maid for You staff and customers into our business

Cleaner Vacuums a House in Norwich using a Henry Hoover


There are so many big changes at Clear Interiors this year, it can be hard to keep up! Coinciding with the launch of our new website and brand, we have also had a fantastic opportunity to serve a large number of new customers in and around Norwich. We’d like to extend a warm welcome to them all, and to the new team members who have joined us too.


Maid for You were closing and asked if we’d like to take over

This transition all started earlier this year when we were contacted by Margaret and Nevil from Maid for You, another Norwich-based domestic cleaning company. They got in touch to let us know that due to personal reasons they were having to close down, but wanted to find out if we might be interested in acquiring the business and continue to provide employment for their dedicated team of staff.


Margaret and Jane have similar experience, training and businesses

We met Margaret and Nevil to talk further about how this might be possible and instantly got on like a house on fire. We found out that Jane and Margaret started out working for the same cleaning company many years ago, and as such they had learnt the same skills and techniques and set up their companies in a very similar way! It was also fascinating to meet people running another local cleaning company and for us to get insights into how we both work. This doesn’t happen very often and we felt real kinship and understanding for each other as we both face the same challenges that are unique to running a cleaning company.

Margaret and Nevil are truly lovely people with a great sense of humour and who clearly care about all their staff and customers. We felt we’d be a good fit for continuing their good work for their customers and that their staff would feel at home with us, given the similarities in the way we operate.


All systems go in the run up to our handover date

Once we agreed a way we could proceed, it’s been all systems go to ensure a smooth handover of staff and customers in time for our deadline of Monday 14th August 2017. From this date, we will take on any customers and staff who would like to come over to our service and it is looking like we will be doubling in size overnight.

It’s an exciting challenge to be faced with and we’ve planned for every eventuality. However, we know the way of business and no matter how much planning you do, situations you could never have conceived of inevitably crop up. Because of this, we ask all our customers and staff to bear this in mind over the next month as we settle everyone in. Jane and Susie will be on hand at all times to make sure things go as smoothly as possible and to put anything right that goes awry. So far, though, everything has gone exactly to plan. Long may it continue!


Thank you Margaret and Nevil!

We’d like to thank Margaret and Nevil for trusting us with their staff and customers. We hope we will do you proud and hope that you enjoy your retirement and new found free time! We wish you many happy, healthy years together. It is well deserved.


The future for Clear Interiors

After our handover, Clear Interiors of Norwich will be serving approximately 230 customers in and around Norwich with 16 members of staff. With a new brand and a new website, we’re hoping to continue growing and have lots more plans in the pipeline for improving the business and our services. In fact, there is another big announcement coming very soon. Keep an eye on our blog for further news.

We’re always open to ideas from our customers too, so if you have any ideas for things we could do better, let us know!